time_lights (time_lights) wrote,

request post. permanent.

This post will remain open and always on top!
Twilight Saga and actors of the Twilight saga ONLY!

I will do your request when I have time and inspiration.
I'm taking the liberty of not doing a request if I don't feel okay with it. I will warn you if it's the case.
Your requests can take weeks to be done. Please don't pressure me about it, I do that for fun after all! :D
You can ask me to use specific textures if you want.
Please no requests like "I would love an Eclipse wallpaper...". Be precise, I want pics! (HQ or at least MQ) I won't go find them for you, even if I know the ones you are talking about.
If you want a specific color or something like that...please don't forget to mention it!

What you can ask:
-Youtube background

Don't forget to give me which size you need me to make them.
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