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RL is a bitch

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If you are an author and you need a banner for your fanfiction, contact me, I take requests.

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If you want to post news and graphics about the movie Water for Elephants, don't forget to go to [info]waterelephants  

I make the banners for the winners @ actress_ic  join us!

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[info]sweet_pillow  makes awesome graphics about Tyler and Malory (Remember me/Welcome to the Rileys) I'm a addict to everything she does!!! Follow her on Tumblr!!!
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My mother is part albino.

Yesterday was frambouaz_deby birthday and I forgot !!! If you don't know her yet, you should go check her graphics, she's SO talented.. 
(Deby, you introduced me to "The Hunger Games" and  I don't even wish you a happy birthday....I'm such a terrible friend...!!!!)


I should work instead of doing this but I couldn't resist to the Vogue's photoshoot.
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I can't say that I've been busy...but I just can't make graphics lately. I don't want to (but I still like making fanfictions banners). I just made this wallpaper but it feels soooo empty.
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Water for Elephants

 I really liked the trailer but it's not the mood I had in mind when I read the book. For me, it was really dark. The trailer made me want to go to this circus, the book not so much...
Even if I love Reese Witherspoon, I think she is too old for the role. But I REALLYYY loooooove the scene with the white horse, it's sooo beautiful!

I will make banners and background soon I hope.

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If you want to see some beautiful graphics about books, movies, should watch the new community lacedtocrown
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Tumblr + news

BIG NEWS! (well, not really)

I'm going to close my other Livejournal! I think it was a bad idea to open it in the first place. It's confusing for some people that I have 2 usernames. When Breaking Dawn will be out I will make less and less Twilight graphics and I don't want to close this livejournal.


If you love Twilight, The Hunger Games, Misfits and Period Drama movies, you will like this place even more!
I talked about my TUMBLR the other time, I post some graphics made by me there. I will certainly not posting them here, so follow me there to see them. (here are some if you want to know what kind of graphics I post on Tumblr.)
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I also posted some new recs of Twilight ff on my community [info]fanfic_time